Send packing material for my device.

Don’t worry about packing your damaged device. We will send a courier for your iPhone, iPad or Mac with special packing material in which you only place your device and the courier will bring it to us. All this in within 2 hours.

Transport is free to our store (back for 200CZK), packing material costs 89 Kč (if you want)

Order transport now!

We pick-up your device for free anywhere in the Czech republic.

Just say so and we send a courier your way. He will be at your doorstep in within two hours after placing your order.

Order free shipment online

We order shipment for all Apple devices for free anywhere in the Czech republic
Contractual partners are shipping companies DPD and Messenger. Device is insured by transporter.

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    Odesláním formuláře zákazník souhlasí s podmínkami svozu, dále souhlasí s našimi obchodními a servisními podmínkami a zásadami pro zpracování osobních údajů.

    After you place your order to pick up your device we will contact you and send the courier.

    Pick up time in Prague and Brno
    is less than 2 hours after placing your order. 

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