We save damaged data.

Data rescue diagnostics is free.

How do we rescue data?

Our specialization is data rescue from macOS, USB memory and OS Windows


Diagnostics - for free

You can send us an older hard disk, ssd disk or the whole computer with a disk. USB memory flesh, 3.5 "HDD Diagnostics 1 working day.


Sending a price proposal

We will send you the rescue options and prices on the 2nd business day.


Data rescue

The next day we will rescue the data. Duration depends on the amount of data and the degree of storage damage.

Always back up you data!

If it’s too late to back up, contact us

We save data from media

Hard discs (HDD)
Disk arrays NAS, RAID
Solid State Discs (SSD)
USB Flash discs

How do disk problems look like?

Files or folders are unavailable and can not be copied
When attempting to open a file, the system freezes
The computer does not start
Unusual sounds are coming from your computer (for older HDD disc types)

Find professional service

If you have experienced any of the abovementioned faults, do not attempt to repair the device yourself. You could damage the device and lose the data completely.
We have several years of experience with data rescue and we can boast nearly 82% success. Do not hesitate to contact our professional service in Prague and Brno.

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