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Since 2010, MacPodpora, s.r.o. she has gone a long way. In 7 years we have gained valuable experiences that we began apply to businesses and schools.
One of our regular customers is, for example, Charles University, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic or Cetelem, the largest credit and finance group.

In 2010 I founded MacPodpora, because there was minimal or poor quality support for Mac end-users in Czech Republic. In 2012, MacPodpora bought competitive company iSupport, which was dealing with iOS fixes.
Thanks to this merger, MacPodpora, s.r.o. was founded in 2013 and has become the only service center, which enabled complete support and service for iOS and macOS devices. We also attended twice Apple Conference iCon Prague and became partner of the largest Hong Kong electronics trade fair 2013 and we have acquired Apple Certified Mac Technician.

In 2014, we opened another service station in Brno, Příkop 27b. Currently, we repair hundreds of devices each month. Company provides work to 11 people and only through the skill and coordination of this great team, we are also able to help you daily on our MacPodpora HelpDesk, provide online support for Mac and anticipate possible failures before they happen.

We provide all Apple Level 1 fixes. That’s why we’re able to repair your MacBook or iPhone motherboard. We also provide improvements for Macs, trainings, and we created cash application for iPhone and iPad “Andrej”, which helps dozens of EET customers.

PS: Don’t forget to come for a cup of great coffee in our MacKavárna! 🙂

podpis Radek Bodeček, DiS. MBA

I do not answer immediately, but as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to write me your feedback or anything else!

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  • Apple guru Miloslav

    technician geek
    specialization macOS, iOS
    data rescue

  • Apple guru Jarek

    Mac certified technician
    specialization iOS, SW monitoring helpdesk and Mac management

  • Apple guru Tereza

    specialization repairs iOS and Mac, soft skill, complaints

  • Apple guru Honza

    master support
    specialization online support, training, iOS and macOS

  • Paper bureaucracy Míša

    vedoucí kavárny
    specialization ensuring the operation of services and cafes

  • Big support Alenka

    parts manager
    specialization parts management, Level 1 repairs and complaints

  • Mac's king Martin

    Mac technician
    MacBook buy and sell, specialization macOS

  • Great woman Jana

    parts manager
    specialization správa dílů, Level 1 repairs and parts distribution

  • Coffee maker Bára

    specialization great coffee.. :)

  • Big guy Jakub

    shop manager
    specialization shop and main editor of Apple magazine

  • Coordinator Radek

    customer care, business and marketing

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“ Every day this great team does the best for you, because customer satisfaction is at the first place for us.
Radek Bodeček, CEO ”

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